From Israel

If you are coming from Israel i.e. Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nazareth, Tiberius etc there are 4 steps. But don't worry it's quite easy and straightforward.

Step 1: How to get to Jerusalem

To visit us you will first need to get to Jerusalem, which is easily accessible from almost anywhere in the country. The largest bus operator is
The website provides timetables and prices. Apps such as Moovit or Google maps may also be useful in planning your journey.

It is also worth remembering that Saturday in Israel is Shabbat or the holy day. Buses will not run but you can take a minibus known locally as sherut. These operate 7 days a week on most of the major routes and can even be a little faster! Ask at your previous hostel or with a tourist office for specifics related to your location.

Step 2: How to get to Damascus Gate Arab bus station.

Damascus gate can be reached via the light rail tram in Jerusalem or if you are staying in the Old City you can simply leave via Damascus gate. Once at Damascus gate you can walk one block uphill towards Jerusalem Hotel (the road behind you if you are facing the gate). Here you will find the Arab bus station.

Step 3: How to get to Ramallah

From the Arab bus station, you can take bus numbers 218 or 219. If in doubt, just say Ramallah to a local and they will guide you to the right bus. The bus itself will cost 7nis and the journey lasts about 30mins depending on the traffic. The Ramallah bus station is the last stop so you will know when you arrive in the small courtyard with buses and minibuses, that you are here!

(Note: As the bus passes through Qalandia checkpoint, on some occasions it will be necessary for passengers to change bus here. This is simple and you should basically follow the crowd to the other bus which is waiting for you a few metres away. You will not need to pay again. Again, locals are very helpful and will let you know where you need to go if you are unsure. Please never be afraid to ask)

Step 4:How to get to Hostel in Ramallah

We are very close to the bus station but Ramallahs streets can be a little tricky. Upon leaving the bus station (via the entrance the bus came in) you should walk downhill until you hit Al-Manara, or Lion square, where you will see a roundabout with big stone lions (around 250 meters). Once here you should take the fourth exit (working anti-clockwise). A further 200m will bring you to Arafat Square, here there is another roundabout with a huge flagpole. From this roundabout, you will take the second exit. A further 200m along this road you will spy copper rusted gates and the hostel mural on your left, enter the gate, head up the stairs and ring the bell. We will be waiting to welcome you.

Important points -
- Please do not be afraid to ask for help, Palestinians are incredibly hospitable and most will be more than happy to help you. Ask for the hostel by name or Al Maktaba (the library, which is opposite)
- If you feel lost and uncomfortable asking for directions etc you can jump into a taxi. There is a fixed rate of 15nis anywhere in the city. Again, ask for the hostel by name or Al Maktaba.
-Finally, make a note of our number and give us a call, we will be happy to help you find us and in a worst-case scenario one of our staff may be able to come on a rescue mission.

From Jordan

There are three border crossings from Jordan.

Two of these will bring you into Israel

  • Sheikh Hussein/Jordan River Crossing (Close to Beit She'an in the north)
  • Araba/Yitzhak Rabin Crossing (Between Aqaba and Eilat in the south - Closest if coming from Petra and Wadi Rum)

(From here you should follow the directions above starting with 'Step 1: How to get to Jerusalem)'

And one into Palestine directly

  • King Hussein/Allenby (roughly between Amman and Jericho)

(From Jericho it is easy to get a shared taxi, known locally as Service, to Ramallah. From here you should ask the driver for the direction of 'Al Manara' (Lion Square), which is a short walk at the end of the road, and follow the above directions for ' Step 4: How to get to Hostel in Ramallah)

For information related to visas, opening times (including public holidays) and directions please visit:

(Note that all the crossings have two different names, an Arabic and an Israeli one. Be careful not to confuse Sheikh Hussein and King Hussein crossings)

From Egypt

There are two border crossings with Egypt.

  • Nitzhana (Between El Ouga and Nitzana - Just south of Gaza)
  • Taba/Menachem Begin (Between Taba and Eilat)

From either of these crossings, upon entering Israel you should follow the instructions at the top of this page for From Israel.

For information related to visas, opening times (including public holidays) and directions please visit